Reader Rabbit: 1st Grade KnowWare / The Learning Company, Inc. 1998

In the little town of Wordville, Reader Rabbit and his friends are preparing a variety show at the local theater. Unfortunately, during the night someone stole everything they prepared, including the props, the costumes and the scripts. Reader Rabbit must now work with the town inhabitants and create them anew. This is an educational game for kids between 5 and 7 years old. It teaches elements of language, math, natural sciences, music and art. There is a total of twelve educational activities divided equally among four places that the rabbit protagonist must visit. Four of them are actually puzzles that once solved give access to the locations themselves. The activities are grouped in the following way: Owl's TreeHouse - Doorbell Spell. The player must input the missing letter in order to enter Professor Owl's house; Word Bird - Penelope Parrot has to learn the lines for today's show. This is a pronunciation exercise where the player must hear the words and select which sound stands either at the beginning, the middle or the end of the word; Silly Scripts - From a list of words must be selected the ones that fit the context of the text; Papa Bear's Store - Week Creek. In order to proceed to Papa Bear's store, Reader Rabbit must place the missing weekdays in the correct places; Costu-Matic - Several costumes must be assembled from four different parts. Each part has its own price and the player must pay this price using coins of 1, 5, 10 and 20. Costume Count. This is a mathematical exercise in which the player must correctly add or subtract the numbers. Furthermore, the numbers are illustrated using different objects on the inventory board; Pierre's Studio - Autograph Hound Gateway. Reader Rabbit must choose the illustrated mood that his fan is hinting at; Pattern Piano - The player must reproduce Pierre's songs. Each musical note has an associated color and every song part has two sequences of colors. The player must compare them in order to detect the missing one; Billboards - Using a brush, a pencil, an eraser, different colors and pre-made pictures, Reader Rabbit can paint four posters for today's show; Babs' Workshop - Animal Geography Gateway. One of the animals doesn't belong in the shown landscape. It's up to Reader Rabbit to choose which one. Measure It - Babs will help Reader Rabbit build the props, but he must first select the parts that correspond to the dimensions indicated by her. This time, footprints of bear, moose and rabbit are used as measure units; Prop Sorter - The sorting machine needs a bit of help in gathering all the animals that fit Babs' description. The player can click on the bottom buttons to operate the platforms and throw the animals sitting on them all the way to the top stands. After completing all the activities, the player can view the performance at the local theater. The game has several moments when the characters sing, resembling a musical.
ISO Demo 157MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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