Reader Rabbit: 2nd Grade Riverdeep / The Learning Company 1998

Castles capture kids' imaginations. This software learning fortress is designed to do that and more. Combining the fun of arcade-style play with a compelling adventure and basic academic skills, the latest title in the Reader Rabbit grade-based series complements second-grade curriculum by exercising grade-appropriate skills in reading and reading comprehension, math, grammar and writing skills, science and thinking. Players embark on a quest with Sam the Lion to save Reader Rabbit by unraveling the mysteries of Dragon's Castle. But obstacles abound in the 10 main "passages" and 60 challenging activities where kids earn points to advance. In Geometry Jump, for instance, they have to think fast to match shapes and figure spatial problems. The Mirror Meaning area teaches and tests reading comprehension strategies. The Spelling Search works spelling patterns. To encourage creativity and self-expression, the Castle Journal is filled with brief stories that players respond to in their own words. A record-and-playback feature lets them record their ideas out loud before writing them down. Everything gets progressively more difficult to make short attention spans a moot point.
ISO Demo 130MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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