Three from Prostokvashino 4: Summer Vacations [Ru] Electronic Paradise / Akella 2007

Buttermilk is nice in the summer: the cool river, forest, mushrooms, berries... Do you want to - swim, catch fish, and acquire delicious supplies for the winter? But those who had come from Uncle Fyodor do not rest. And it is not surprising, because the village is experiencing very strange things. People stopped to greet Sharik and Matroskin, and are even trying to get to the home of their party. Postman Pechkin left on his bicycle and disappeared. Our heroes have to deal with all the eccentricities and try to return life to normal in Buttermilk. But it's not so easy as it seems at first glance. Features: More than 50 colorful locations; 10 entertaining mini-games; Gorgeous animation and voice characters.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 977MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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