Sonic The Hedgehog 2006 / Sonic The Hedgehog P-06 Gistix, Mefiresu, ChaosX 2017

This is a fan-made version of Sonic The Hedgehog console game from 2006 and was made using Unity engine. It started almost 5 years ago, originally as a Blitz Sonic mod. It's a mix of the demo, final version, and a little bit of the beta altogether. It features the object placement and homing attack of the demo, most of the mechanics are like in the final version, and then there’s some bits of the beta build in the homing attack tricks. Most of the common objects have been ported, but the majority of the gimmicks are stage-related. They have tested other stages like Wave Ocean, White Acropolis or even the second Town Stage, Soleanna New City. But most of the stage's gameplay is compromised of specific objects and so far they have only got Kingdom Valley assets ported in to the engine. The original game takes place in the human world. Sonic meets Elise, the princess of Soleanna, which he quickly makes friends with. Unfortunately, Dr. Eggman quickly intervenes and kidnaps Elise in order to destroy the kingdom of Soleanna and its up to Sonic to rescue her. A line-up of characters from previous games make their returns including Tails, Knuckles, Shadow and a brand new character, Silver the Hedgehog. Sonic races through stages with blinding speed using the 3D elements similar to the Sonic Adventure games. Along with new gameplay elements, familiar features make a return. The gameplay is split up in action stages, fast levels with alternate pathways, and free-roaming town stages where the characters can explore the towns, talk to other characters, get new quests, and visit the shops, similar to the Adventure Fields from Sonic Adventure. During the game, three main characters can be controlled: Sonic, Shadow and Silver. There are 11 stages in total, and they are tweaked to the abilities for each of the characters. Sonic is the only one to have access to super speed stages, and he has custom abilities, such as the spin dash, light dash, homing attack, bounce attack, a sliding kick, a tornado kick, a mach speed dash and grinding. These are acquired in exchange for rings in stores. Sonic can also trade gems for special powers. Shadow's abilities are largely derived from Shadow the Hedgehog, with a focus on driving vehicles such as buggies, hovers, bikes and gliders. There are also various melee attacks, similar to those of Sonic, but Shadow does not use firearms in this game. The new character, Silver, is a time-traveling hedgehog. His main means of attack are psychokinetic powers. He can pick up and throw objects, and levitate. Additional abilities can be purchased in the in-game stores in exchange for rings. For certain missions, you take control of an amigo, automatically assigned in specific stages. Sonic gets the help from Tails and Knuckles the Echidna, Shadow's sidekicks are Rouge the Bat and E-123 Omega, and Silver is assisted by Blaze the Cat and Amy Rose. There are two multiplayer modes: Tag Mode (co-op) and Battle Mode (versus in a race for gold medals). The characters are voiced by the cast of the Sonic X animated TV series. Development was started by Gistix but has been passed on to Mefiresu. Another project titled Sonic The Hedgehog P-06 was first released in 2019 by ChaosX, one of the people also working on Mefiresu's remake. Rather than porting the original game, it seeks to improve the gameplay as well. The demo contains the full Wave Ocean and Kingdom Valley levels, complete with Tails and Silver sections respectively. However, at the very least both Tails and Silver play differently from the original 06.
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Level Demo 189MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Project '06 - Demo Updat 1.5 + Mirror 1.7GB (uploaded by Google Drive / Mediafire)
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