Hugo: Die Geburtstagsparty [G] ITE Media 2000

Hugo celebrates his 10th birthday! Well, not directly, actually, Hugo is already 400 years old (just in the best age for a troll), but it is now 10 years since his creator ITE invented him. And because you have to celebrate such a round number simply, there is this special Hugo birthday double CD-ROM. Hugo - The birthday party offers a selection of the hottest Hugo games of the last 10 years and a few great surprises. In addition, the package contains a real Hugo photo camera so you can participate in the Hugo Photo contest. CD1 Content: Mine, Dolmenhöhle, Draisine, Ice Cave, Hugocoptor, Climbing Wall, Labyrinth, Motorcycle, Skateboard, Wild River / Rope, Key & Blitzend; Difficulty: TV Version / Arcade Version; Players: 1 to 2. CD2 Content: Archery, Fish Rescue, Insect Memory, Head Calculator, Rescue the Hare, Time, Bird Feeding, Wolf; Fight Difficulty: Easy / Normal / Heavy; Player: 1.
Hugo: Synttärikokoelma 1 - Finnish Clone 2CD ISO Demo 691MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Hugo Aniversario - Portuguese Full Demo 310MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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