Hugo: Im Reich der wilden Tiere [G] ITE Media 2001

Hugo on big safari in the African savannah. Hugo has to help with Fernando and Jean-Paul, a stork, to give the last 3 eggs on his delivery round properly and safely. In 3 funny jump'n'runs the individual eggs have to be defended against wild animals and other lurking dangers and delivered in the nest of the crocodile, ostrich mama and the snake mama. In a memory game, the player learns wild animals, their feeding habits and the animal babies. Finally, the player has to go to Photo safari and to scan certain animals as best as possible, so there are many points. As a great extra there are 20 short films about the animals of the savannah to see, which the player can select individually.
Hugo: Savannin sankarit - Finnish Clone ISO Demo 361MB (uploaded by Egon68)
German ISO Demo 358MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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