Evo Explores Kyrylo Kuzyk 2016

If something looks real - it is real. If you don't see a problem - there is no problem at all. Just trust your eyes. The regular laws of physics don't apply. Even the gravity is under control of your imagination. Manipulate surreal structures to solve mind blowing puzzles. Every level will unravel the history of Byte planet and its citizens. Construct optical illusions to built impossible paths and guide Evo to the finish door. It was inspired by a gorgeous Monument Valley game. We are big fans of original game, but we love Evo Explores even more. Come share this feeling with us. Features: 45 unique mind blowing levels; Relaxing gameplay. No need to hurry; Accessible for all ages and for any experience in games; No in-app purchases. Pay once and enjoy.
Multi19 Full Demo v1.4.2.2 24MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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