My Scene Activision Blizzard 2003

Hang out with the My Scene girls for fashion and fun in the big city. Help Barbie, Chelsea, and Madison plan for one of 12 weekend events - an art show, games night, and more. Cruise through four areas of the city in search of cool items needed for each occasion. Go shopping and help them buy a to-die-for outfit, find the hottest new makeup, or search for cool sunglasses to prepare for the big event. While shopping, uncover trendy fashion boutiques, a hip music studio, and meet cute boys. Plus, take fun quizzes and "tell all" tests to discover things about you and your friends. Complete fun activities like designing chic clothes to earn extra cash. You are super savvy and sooo in demand. Features: Go shopping at trendy boutiques; Buy the coolest outfits, the hottest new makeup, or the hippest jewelry; Take fun "tell all" quizzes to discover things about you and your friends; Attend an art show, game night, charity event, and more.
Clone ISO Demo 323MB (uploaded by Egon68)
UK ISO Demo 454MB (uploaded by vintagecdromgirl)

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