Mystery of the Crystal Portal 2, The: Beyond the Horizon Artogon Games 2010

The Mystery Of The Crystal Portal 2: Beyond The Horizon is a hidden object game which plays in a very similar way to it's predecessor The Mystery of the Crystal Portal. The story behind the game is that Nicole's father has used the portal once more and has travelled to Atlantis, or the floating islands that are all that remains so she sets off in pursuit. On arrival in Atlantis she learns that there is no way back because the return portal does not function, it needs a new power crystal. This is the cue for Nicole to search the islands, find her father, create a new power crystal so that they can both get home. The game also contains puzzles, there's a jigsaw, a connecting pipe puzzle etc and all the puzzles can be skipped. This game too has the same, unusual, way of playing. The player is not given a list of items to find in the usual way, to solve a puzzle the player clicks on an object which is then surrounded by a wheel. Around the wheel are the greyed out shapes of some of the objects the player needs to find in order to release the thing they need to solve the puzzle. As objects are located and placed within the wheel other objects appear on the rim of the wheel. Releasing some objects may depend upon releasing another hidden object and so on so it is possible to have multiple concurrent searches running at the same time. The game is played entirely with the mouse. It has no spoken dialogue but it does have sound effects and music. It auto-saves on exit and has two modes of difficulty, Casual mode and Advanced mode, the difference being that the hint feature takes longer to recharge and the wait time when skipping puzzles is increased
Full Demo 192MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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