Let's Go Read! An Island Adventure Edmark Corporation 1997

This is an educational computer game for ages 4 to 6. It features 35 games and activities that focus on reading skills for the targeted age group. Robby (a raccoon) does not know how to read after a large sign is put up outside his home. After a bit of thinking, Emily (a squirrel) helps Robby learn to read by going to Letter Island by entering the Reading Rover, an airplane powered with word fuel. The player takes part by learning the letter sounds, and then the player sounds out the letter out loud, followed by a game which the player must find the correct phonetic letter sound for example. Once the player has mastered each section, a storybook based on what they have learned can be viewed in which the player can let the computer read the story out loud or record a voice reading the story. When the Reading Rover is low on fuel, the player must build words in order to refill and continue the adventure. Also, during the adventure, the clouds with words on them must be sounded out by the player. The game optionally features speech recognition, which the player can interact with the game by voice if a microphone is plugged into the computer.
ISO Demo 310MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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