Gypsy's Tale, A: The Tower of Secrets Amaranth Games, LLC / ChaYoWo Games Pvt. Ltd. 2010

Reylin of Winderalth is a mysterious gypsy called upon by a monk to help investigate a cursed tower. The tower holds many secrets including a reason behind the disappearance of it's princess. There is much time, the curse is spreading. Help Reylin avoid traps and solve complex puzzles in a bid to restore order to the land. When this is done the tower's secrets will finally be clear. A Gypsy's Tale: The Tower of Secrets is a hidden object game much like the Awakening and Mystery Case Files series. The player searches the screen for a list of objects and when these have all been found a tool will allow access to another part of the land. Parts of the land can be accessed from the beginning although puzzles still need completing. On screen objects can be manipulated, items combined, potions can be made while progressing the game will require talking to a certain character in order to obtain necessary information for your quest. The game also has a number of sliding puzzles amongst others.
Full Demo 81MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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