Rogue Quest Expera Game Studio 2016

Episode 1: The Crypt of the Leech King (Apr 15) Konrad is a renowned treasure hunter, an adventurer endlessly looking for fame and riches. It is said that in the crypt of the fearsome “Leech King” a magnificent treasure is just waiting for an adventurer brave enough to conquer it. Of course there may be some dangers to overcome; just the kind of adventure our daring Konrad was looking for! Help him find the legendary treasure and leave the crypt – alive, if possible. Episode 2 (Mar 31/2017) Jheed is a novice adventurer, trying his best to join the legendary Rogue Guild! His first trial will be to find and recover the Weeping Queen’s treasure, which lies somewhere in the queen’s tower. He’ll have to explore the ancient place to find it, being careful: there are many creepy tales about this place.
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Browser-Playable Free Flash Episodes 1+2 (uploaded by Newgrounds)
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