Fallen Soldier/Sniper and Spotter Gertrud Bondesson 2016

The story of a soldier of the german Wehrmacht in WWII who falls in battle and laying lifeless surrounded by an ongoing war, he starts questioning what led him here and pondering his role in the grand scheme of things. This game was made for MAGS in November 2016 with the theme "Afterlife" and can be played in English and Swedish. Sniper and Spotter Being Patriotic some of the characters from Fallen Solider make an appearance. A newly recruited red army soldier finds himself assigned to a new partner and the two of them soon find themselves in a series of misadventures in a wartorn Soviet town. Sniper and Spotter Serving the Motherland (May/2017) Ivan and Olga, two soldiers in the red army, finds themselves tasked with preventing a small village from falling into enemy hands. Their orders are simple, destroy the bridge and poison the food and water supply before the enemy soldiers can reach the village and destroy the bridge or poison the food and water supply. Sniper and Spotter Climbing a Tower (Nov/2018) A short 15-minute game made for MAGS in November 2018. Olga and Ivan are a sniper and spotter team fighting in the great patriotic war. When a cheerful war correspondent cross their path both of them see a chance to make a grab for glory.
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Fallen Soldier, Sniper and Spotter 1+2+3 - Free Games 30MB+84MB+64MB+160MB (uploaded by Adventure Game Studio)
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