Language Arts Grade 4 Mission Masters: Network Nightmare! Morgan Interactive Inc, Earwax Productions / McGraw-Hill Home Interactive 1999

This title consists of 5 mini-games focused on building language skills. The Mission Masters - Paline, Mia, Rakeem, and T.J. - are a team of young agents working for the Intelliforce Agency, a high-level cooperative whose goal is to maintain order on a rather unruly planet. From within the agency's top-secret Command Control Center, the agency's central computer, M5, has detected a threat're the agent assigned to the case. First thing, you'll be transported to SMART - the Satellite Mission Assignment, Reporting, and Tracking Center. There, you'll be briefed on the details of your assignments. Your job is to successfully accomplish each of five missions. With each accomplishment, you'll not only make Earth a safer place, but you'll rise within the ranks of the Intelliforce Agency organization. When you've completed all five missions, you become eligible for First-Class Agent status. Complete all five missions at the hardest level, and you'll be an All-Star Agent AND you'll join the ranks of the Mission Masters. Buster Bandwidth is back. He's been releasing computer bugs into satellite and communications networks all over the world. We've got to stop him, or we'll be back to rotary phones. M5 is next on his hack list, so you'd better get going. Report to the SMART Center and M5 will tell you what to do - if he still can.
ISO Demo 36MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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