Forteresse [Fr] Loriciels 1987

This is a graphical adventure game by a prolific French developer. It boasts digitized photos as location graphics, as well some digitized speech. The interface is icon driven with the actions like "go", "pick up" and "use" combined on the panel on top of the screen, which was made similar to Star Trap by the same company. There's no text prompt and no parser, the game text with the occasional choices is displayed on top of the picture. The game is set in medieval times, in the year 666, where Lord Angkor's daughter, Gwendolyne was kidnapped and imprisoned in a castle and locked in a suit of heavy armor, which is shown on the screen all the time. Your goal is to find the right keys to unlock the suit part by part, until the fair lady is free from her burden. But only one key can be carried at a time. It also features several labyrinths as game puzzles.
Spanish Floppy Image ISO Demo 179kb (uploaded by

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