Real Pool DigitalFusion / GT Interactive 1998

If you thought you had to leave your house to get the REAL POOL experience, think again. This is made up of four different game types, which all break down into various rule sets: Puzzle mode; sink all the balls on the table using a certain number of shots; defeat over eight computer opponents; tables are rendered in full 3D and can be viewed from any perspective. The tables are rendered in full 3D and can be viewed from any perspective. Two human players can also face off against each other, and the Training mode lets you learn and practice tough trick shots. Why leave the house? In 1995, programmer Jules Urbach worked at DigitalFusion and helped to code the game Real Pool, a basic 3D pool game for the Mac intended to rival the Virtual Pool series. The game was published through MacSoft, and got a Windows port in 1998 shortly before the 3D Groove Alliance was established. Mr. Urbach was the company's co-founder, with entrepreneur Chris Kantrowitz and programmer Peter Laufenberg, who did much of the C++ code for the 3D Groove web browser plugin. The assets used in Real Pool were recycled to make a web demo version, becoming the first use of the 3D Groove engine. Intended to promote the full game, the web version of Real Pool used 3D Groove SX and was published on, becoming their first 3D game, where it got between 5-6 million plays according to Laufenberg. The game made over four million dollars in total sales according to Vice President of Marketing for Infogrames Paul Rinde. It was later recycled again into an advergame for Jack Daniels.
PC + MAC Full Demos (3D Groove SX) 21MB (uploaded by UberLamer)
ISO Demo 71MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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