Theatre of the Absurd Silverback Games / Big Fish Games, Inc 2012

Dr. Corvis and his young daughter Bettany live in a huge castle in the Italian Alps. Dr. Corvis believes to have found the Hapsburg Cube, an artifact which might contain powerful evil entities, and invites Dr. Scarlett Frost, another demonology expert, to give her expert opinion on the object. But the cube is shattered, and now demons threaten to possess all in the castle. In order to fight these demons, Dr. Frost will have to explore the castle, find many objects, and solve a variety of puzzles. Theatre of the Absurd is a point-and-click adventure game, with many Hidden Object puzzles, some light Inventory puzzles and some other puzzles of the traditional kind (jigsaws, passwords, pipes, etc.). Most of the game is shown in first-person "slide show" perspective, but the story is also advanced through animated cutscenes. Once you finish the main story, the game offers you a few extra puzzles which unlock an "Extras Gallery", which give you access to concept art for the game.
Collector's Edition - Full Demo 153MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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