Letters from Nowhere 2 Awem Studio 2011

Letters from Nowhere 2 is the sequel to the original Letters from Nowhere. Audrey continues the search for her missing husband. The mysterious postman leads her to another town where she meets the owner of a magic shop. The magic shop owner believes he can help Audrey if she will help him with the disappearance of his own father years earlier and a missing diary. Audrey beings her search for pages of a lost diary and hopefully to find her missing husband. Optionally each scene contains a black cat and three stamps for bonus points and trophies. All scenes contain 12 objects with one or two objects requiring combining items in the scene to complete the object being requested. If objects are found in quick succession of each other a combo point bonus is added to the find. As in the first game you have various mini-puzzles across several styles from matching, puzzle pieces, and picture spot the differences. Also returning from the first game are four types of search helper items that can be purchased on a point scale. A thermometer for hot or cold object fining lasting a short duration along with bonus jack-in-the-box, camera flash snapshot, and painter's palette that shows the object pictures in the list box instead of words. The game also has two additional modes of play that are unlimited and puzzle. The unlimited mode is unlocked after collecting 50 stamps and puzzle mode is unlocked after finding 32 black cats.
Full Demo 142MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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