Adibou 2 Coktel Vision 1996

This edutainment game has a new look for Adibou, improved graphics, and new activities. During the game, Adibou interacts continuously with the player. At first, the player must create a new profile that can be customized (head, hair, birthday). Once the profile is created, the young person arrives in the environment of Adibou. He can then do several activities in the garden, such as growing vegetables and fruits in the garden by Robitok, growing flowers, changing the niche or the bird shelter, and playing with the red balloon. Once inside the house of Adibou, the player also has several activities. He can make cakes with Kicook, watch TV containing two songs and other short clips, play the construction game, listen to Radio Adibou, play the game of masks, and play Bricks. If the player is celebrating his birthday or it is Christmas, 2 CDs to listen to appear at the foot of the television. It can also play additional discs, and can also check its progress (menu discs, and progress tree).
2000 Version Découverte: LU Ourson promo - French ISO Demo 800MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
German ScummVM Full Demo 367MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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