Shadows by the Waterhouse Raphael Vogt / Novel Games 2017

Chapter 1: The Waterhouse Dark shadows of the past hover over the old waterhouse. What starts as a romantic walk turns into a criminal investigation when you begin exploring the mysterious old weir. Are illegal experiments being conducted here, and if so, of what kind? And what do the enigmatic doctor and her late husband, a renowned neuroscientist and brain surgeon, have to do with it? Triggered by the eerie discovery of a mobile phone by the river you slip into the role of a private investigator. The last pictures taken show a figure wearing the mask of a horror clown beating down the owner of the phone. If this is not a fake, what happened to the person attacked after it documented the assault? Soon you find other strange peculiarities in the vicinity of the discovery spot and you realize how quickly an innocent stroll can turn into a disturbing mission: An abandoned tape recorder, odd noises from a basement and finally – the discarded clown’s mask. Is someone secretly conducting illegal experiments on human beings? To find the answers you have to get into that building at the river dam which might obviously be quite a dangerous undertaking with you being all by yourself. Chapter 2: The Glass Files (Mar 24/2020) Three members of the waterhouse gang have been captured. But - as you are soon to find out - that was only the beginning. There is another top secret site which you’re heading for right that evening. There is also that peculiar tavern where you are staying overnight which requires a thorough inspection. Amongst other things you are to find out about the house maid Mary that curiously disappeared. But why is the hostess trying to keep everything low profile? Is she hiding something? If yes, what is it? And is the secret society linked to the waterhouse gang involved in Mary’s disappearance? More and more details seem to confirm that suspicion. Apparently there are more people held captive on that isolated premises in the forest. Moreover that’s most likely the place where the secret experiments are conducted; possibly field studies for a much bigger undertaking. Whether the – according to his widow innocent – brain surgeon Prof. Dr. Saulus Kurzweil who was involved with the experiments has been removed by the waterhouse gang because his self-doubt was threatening the conspiracy or whether he passed away from natural cause remains uncertain. There are indications that the so called Pyramidists have been planning crimes on a much larger scale affecting all of humanity. (Seemingly they have already infiltrated all the states to gain surveillance capability and control over every movement of every single terrestrial human being.) The so called “Glass Plan” is an insidious, cleverly devised strategy to achieve this goal where the increasing physical and mental dependency on digitization actually acts as motor. If their calculations work out there will be no escape - for no thing and no body on this planet. Coupled with the immortality ideology of the transhumanism life within this dubiously transparent palace would turn into much more of a horrific nightmare than a sacred blessing. Some will not refrain from calling this brave new world the invisible concentration camp. Will the future be as disastrous as predicted?
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