Hugo: Das Geheimnis der Meere [G] ITE Media 2002

In the seventh adventure of Hugo's "Play & Learn" series you can learn all about the oceans. Help Hugo find the treasure that his grandfather Captain Schaumbart lost to the notorious pirate captain Krakauer. Get to know the secrets of the sea. Start four different competitions or make yourself smart in the interactive encyclopedia. History: One day Hugo finds the old diaries of his grandfather. He is reading about the adventures of Captain Schaumbart sailing across the sea with a precious treasure on board. But the ship sinks, after a pirate gang attack and the treasure goes down with it. Many years have passed since then, and Hugo plans to recover the treasure with his submarine. You have to help Hugo find the four parts of the treasure map
German ISO Demo 246MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Hugo Och Djuren I Havet - Swedish ISO Demo 430MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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