L'Alchimiste: L'élixir de la Longue Vie [Fr] Inforis Studios 1999

At the start of the game, you are transported in a place out of time where a hooded character speaks to you in Latin. You swim in a nightmare and ask when you are going to wake up, but the images that emerge before your eyes bring you back to reality: by a strange coincidence, this mysterious man is a magician who came to get you, precisely because that you are intelligent and that you will live up to the quest that opens before you: two people have recovered the secrets of immortality, and their lust is not intended to improve the fate of humanity. You must prevent Jean Vernon and his sidekick from finalizing their elixir. Just arrived at the house of Jean Vernon, a gunshot and cries tear the silence. Soon after someone knocks you out. A mysterious investigation, on the borders of esotericism, takes you in the footsteps of these apprentice sorcerers, between sleepy cemetery, medieval castle, churches sheltering heavy secrets, you will have to brave your convictions and forget your terrors. From the beginning of the game, you will have to choose a character, according to his qualities, strength, training, luck. That said, this appetizer analogous to that of role-playing games is not decisive in the gameplay or in solving riddles. On the other hand, in the options screen, if you check the box confirmed player, expect some riddles a little more raised, or rather a less elaborate help system. A rather difficult game, with a confusing interface at first (we move from icons that appear in the frame surrounding the browser window). The game, meanwhile, takes place simultaneously in two universes: that of the investigation, in FMV, and that of the enigmas of the alchemist, in computer-generated images. The screen resolution is quite limited for our time and game is only compatible with older OS especially only 32 bits.
French ISO Demo + Manual 457+2MB (uploaded by Abandonware France)

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