Harvester of Dreams Christian Waadt 2018

Early Access, Full Release Date: Jan 28/2019 Episode 1 takes you on board a luxurious airship high above the ground. You'll find yourself caught between two worlds, a dream and reality. On your journey through the game you will find out, which is which. This is a first-person adventure game taking you into a steampunk inspired scenery. To progress in the game, you will have to find the items required to fix or crack open the locked doors, that you are going to face. Each door reveals a new, unique and interesting room to explore. Once you have left the ship, the world you find yourself in, becomes even more confusing and disturbing. The unpleasant truth is awaiting you at the very end of your path back into reality. What to expect: A playing time of about 2-3 hours; Some tough and challenging puzzles; Steampunk-inspired graphics; Many unique and intriguing rooms and areas to explore; Full gamepad support inside the game (except for the launcher). Started out as a personal project a decade ago, this is finally about to be finished. All assets have been originally created for this game. Targeting not only PCs but mobile platforms alike, highly optimized graphics and shaders allowed to bring the same visual experience to players on most devices.
Episode 1 - Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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