Hoyle Casino 2000 Sierra On-Line Inc. 1999

This boasts over 100 Las Vegas-style variations of blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and slot machines. Play begins with a walk-through of a virtual casino from which the player can select the type of game he or she wishes to play. If slots are your game, you can pick from nickel, quarter or dollar slot machines in one of a number of imaginative motifs. Craps and roulette are available at various maximums and minimums per table. Poker can be played at a number of different table minimums as can blackjack - both games can be played with other "virtual" player-characters participating in the action. If playing against "virtual" opponents is not challenging enough, the player with an Internet connection can hook up to the Sierra Internet gaming site for some on-line play using "virtual" money. The game also features ten interactive characters who should be familiar to those gamers who have played other Sierra Hoyle titles. This game features the following characters: Anna, Bart, Carlos, Elayne, Ethel, Jasper, Kathryn, Leo, Rebecca, and Rick.
ISO Demo 626MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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