Ankh: Pyramid No Nazo [J] Ibis Inc. / Ray Corporation 1995

Led by the pyramid of Khufu enveloped in a mystery, a player leaves for Cairo. The game begins with a room in the hotel, gather items in the city of Cairo, explore the interior of the pyramid, and after many trials, you will receive the final judgment. Professor Yoshimura, an Egyptian archaeologist, is responsible for planning this original work, and directed the production, and also provides various advice during the game. Basically, it is made under the intention of deepening understanding of the pyramid while enjoying adventure games, so if you do not get game over, even if you fail, repeat as many times as you like. It is designed to arrive at the end neatly. Even if you fall into a pit or hole, you can rest assured that you can crawl up properly. In the town of Cairo, the information is found such as reproducing the Cairo museum, explaining ruins and legends in detail, etc. When collecting information and items, the story goes on and on and on, the story of reality and unreality going around the King of Kufu, such as relief of wandering souls and confrontation with tomb vandalism, is developed and in the second half of the game Egyptian Puzzles based on mysteries are abundantly used. The screen is in first person interactive movie type. At the point you click, the cursor changes so it's easy to understand. Calling a compact computer, I received a message from Professor Yoshimura sensei and used items, but it is a pity that the timing of its use is somewhat difficult to understand. Also it is difficult that the points that can be saved are limited.  The live-action representation of the city of Cairo makes me realize the appearance of a dubious city and people living there. However, the background and the composition of the person who speaks the line receive the impression that it got a little taken. In the pyramid, it is a simple maze of 3DCG. I'm not quite satisfied with CG, but I think that it is enough for a game. It is interesting just to wander around the pyramid inside reconstructed by Mr. Yoshimura's guidance and the city of Cairo where various information and spirits flutter, but the information based on a huge amount of information is stuffed in there, the edutainment as well is well-edited. I think that it is good to let such children play with kids of elementary school age. The balance between the development of the interactive movie style in the first half and the development in the second half puzzle game is not bad.
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Japanese ISO Demo 74MB (uploaded by myloch)

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