Diner Dash: Hometown Hero PlayFirst / Encore Software 2007

Flo is going back to her hometown for a journey through her childhood memories with her grandmother, Grandma Florence. But when she discovers that her favorite places are in poor state and nearing the definitive disappearance, she decides to save them by working in their restaurants with her grandma in the kitchen. This is the fourth game in the Diner Dash series, featuring Flo, owner of different restaurants in Dinertown. She has to save five different places in her hometown: the zoo, the baseball stadium, the museum, the lunapark and her grandmother's restaurant, which has been closed before her birth and can be saved by a jump to the past. The gameplay is still the same: seat customers, take their orders, serve their meals and collect the money. Additionally, they can also ask for a snack or a dessert. Sometimes Flo will have to use the mop for cleaning the mess kids and babies made or bring a high chair for families. She can also phone for asking help (for speaking to the customers waiting when a podium is available, for playing some music, for bringing cocktails or for bringing plates). Each customer has five hearts. The more they are red, the more higher the tip will be. If a customer loses all his hearts, he'll leave the restaurant. The customers are also carrying colored clothes and seating them on seats with the same color brings bonus points. There are still the usual customers met in the previous games: Cellphone Addict, Business Woman, Bookworm, Family (including mothers with babies and Father with Son), Normal Girl, etc., each with specific features. For example, some customers like Business Woman or Bookworm don't like noises, so seating them near Cellphone Addict is a wrong idea. In the contrary, the noise doesn't bother Family, so you can put the Cellphone Addict near them. There are also new customers like the Hungry Man who is ordering twice a meal, the Teen Boy/Girl, addicted to cellphone but flirting with each other when seated near each other or the Local Celebrity, who can replenish the nearing people's hearts. When beating a level, you'll be giving the choice to redecorate the restaurant or to propose a new plate.
Full Demo 34MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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