Diner Dash 5: Boom! PlayFirst, Inc. 2010

After long time protagonist Flo's fat-free restaurant gets vandalized by a prankster, the diner is overrun and smashed to bits. Flo has to literally start out back on the street again. She sets up a new diner on the street in front of her old diner. Places like the bus stop and the fire escapes (which can be reached quickly using a trampoline) serve as special seats. This fifth game plays much like its predecessors. Customers will come to the "Diner" to get food. The player must place them at a table. Each customer has a color which corresponds with a seat so the player must also place the correct group at the correct table or lose points. Customers will pick something to eat and order one or more course before they will leave. The player has to pick up orders, serve the courses and clean up after the customers. Customers will lose hearts when waiting for things. And gain hearts when getting what they want. Customers can have at most five hearts and with zero hearts they will go home without paying. The money earned each day of working can be spend on items that make Flo more efficient in doing her job, some items or servers are only hired temporarily. After every couple of levels Flo relocates to a new place. And in between levels the player gets to see the old diner being slowly rebuild and gets to make choices in decoration. New is the integration with Facebook. Players can post messages on their Facebook wall from inside the game and send gift shoes to other friends. Shoes make Flo run faster. The more levels a player completes the better the shoes are that can be send as gifts.
Full Demo 117MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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