Link Devicer 2074 [J] G.A.M. Corporation 1997

This is an above-average battlemech strategy title in its time. In 1999, a huge asteroid flew from deep space and, without any warning, made a new “ice age” on Earth. In short, by 2074, everything was completely bad; outbreaks of the deadly disease were recorded among the colonists, the local authorities did not particularly stand on ceremony with the infected - everyone was simply eliminated, and the Earth was accused of a terrorist attack using biological weapons. Thus began another war in the history of mankind. The player acts as the commander of one of the "mechanized" units. We start by creating our “alter ego”: there are four characters of anime appearance to choose from, who can not only be given a name, but also correct weapons skills (usual “firearms”, rockets, lasers, hand-to-hand combat ). Then, without further ado, we are sent to the first mission - more precisely, they will first clarify the situation on the battlefield, tell about the goals of the mission, the conditions of loss and the forces of the enemy. Based on the "intelligence", you will form a "shock squad" of combat robots. The number of soldiers in the platoon can reach up to two dozen (but usually you don’t need so much to complete the task ... At least in the beginning ...); Everyone needs to select one of the models of robots, "hang" armor and give out weapons. In addition, a support aircraft is assigned to each unit. All the robot pilots hired by us (“for free”, do not worry) have a different level of possession of one or another type of weapon, which determines the accuracy and range of their shooting. Accordingly, based on these parameters, the “fur” of the corresponding model is selected for them - “light”, “medium”, “heavy” (in fact, there are many of them, but globally they are divided into three weight categories). Here, I think, it is clear that the “heavier” the robot, the more weapons it can carry, while sacrificing its speed. By the way, about the "cannons": there is the usual cannon artillery, there are missiles, there are lasers, and also spears for close combat. ...Melee. On manned "furs" ... Naturally, all this has a different effect on enemy armor, has a different effective shooting distance depending on the skill of the pilot and limited ammunition. In addition to the weapons carried by the robot, the enemy can be “destroyed” with an exact air strike: as I wrote above, the unit is issued with a particularly powerful air-to-surface missile for support. And yes, the number of bombing missions is limited. The airborne capsules, knocking to the ground, opened up, letting out walking combat vehicles, the pilots of which blink. These cells with a bunch of brown pixels are an open field; where green "dusting" is visible, - the wood; well, monotonously gray are buildings. The robots themselves (and enemy units) are drawn in the perspective “strictly from above”, while the space around them is “flooded” with one color, which gives the impression that you move cardboard pieces in a desktop war game. To give orders to a unit, simply double-click on it to open the context menu. It contains the following commands: "movement", "turn", "attack", "air strike". An interesting feature is the function of "deferred execution of commands", that is, the unit does not obey the order on the fact of his return. Instead, the latter is entered into a special “pool”, and thus the teams are combined into a chain of the form “to go 5 cells forward - launch a rocket into a tank in the northeast - turn left 90 degrees”. Such chains are compiled for each robot, and then just press the "end of turn" button in order to bring them into execution. Remember, enemy units will act simultaneously with yours, and thus the forces of the “step-by-step mechanics” simulate “real time”.
Japanese ISO Demo (provided by bakuDD & upped by Supernova) 35MB (uploaded by Supernova)

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