Tower of Silka, The [MAC] [J] Panyome / Asumu 1993

This is a dungeon crawler rpg game released in Japan for MAC made with Hyper Card. On your play screen there are several menu gauges which show combat level and other stats like life value. When this goes to zero, you will die. This value decreases in battle with monsters, but can recover by using "herb" or resting. Search button - you may find a treasure box with a tool if you look for it in the appropriate place. In the place where there is a treasure chest, the Fairy Cannonvale Beach teaches, but when a monster appears, you overlook it, and must look for yourself. Rest button - life only recovers the value according to the level. Gold is money. It can be obtained by killing a monster or selling tools to merchants. You can also buy useful tools from merchants. Merchants appear on their own when appropriate. Equipment button - the current equipment will be displayed. To actually equip, you have to click on the tool listed below and do "use". The TOWER Save Button saves the current game. When you save and exit, the next time you start, you can play through the continuation. Experience value - as you experience the battle with the monster, it increases. The level rises when this exceeds a certain value. Import button read the saved game and play it from the continuation. When fighting a monster, you can attack, defend or try to escape.
Japanese MAC Floppy ISO Demo + Full Demo + Scans (provided by bakuDD & upped by Scaryfun) 15MB

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