Ready, Set, Read With Bananas & Jack / Beginning Reading Bright Star Technology / Sierra On-Line 1992

Here's an educational program for your kids featuring two personal reading coaches: a talking chimpanzee named Bananas and a talking jack-in-the-box named Jack. When your child answers a question correctly, Bananas and Jack dance and cheer. If your child answers incorrectly, they will encourage your child to try again. Challenge your child's mind and imagination. Take a voyage into exciting worlds of discovery. No subject will ever be the same once your child has been on a Sierra Discovery Series adventure. Your child will learn: Phonics - Talking characters cheerfully guide your child through each lesson; Alphabetizing - They offer help and encouragement; Story reading - and make important reading skills fun to learn; And much more. Empower your child's mind with talking toys. Your early reader will love this entertaining and effective way to for children age 4 to 7 to learn basic reading skills. In this fun, engaging sequel to Alphabet Blocks, two computer friends- a cheerful chimp and a jolly jack-in-the-box- gently coach your child through the first steps in reading. Kids have a great time as these two exceptionally patient coaches come alive asking questions, delivering encouragement and providing positive feedback. It uses proven educational techniques that make reading fun. This engaging program gives your child a significant head start in reading proficiency. Features: Engaging personal instruction with lively talking toys; Six reading lessons selected for age level and learning abilities: two-letter sounds, rhyming words, building words, sight words, alphabetizing, and story reading; Positive reinforcement instruction, with vocal and animated reward sequences; State-of-the-art production values, including full-color animation and clear, pleasant digitized sound, music, and voices; Easy-to-use, point and click controls suitable for any child who can use a mouse.
included in Oh No More Games III: Sierra On-Line - ISO Demo 624MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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