Cube Escape Paradox Rusty Lake 2018

Initially a series of nine Cube Escape games, now a short film based on Rusty Lake was made and also the tenth Cube Escape game alongside it. For this special project, they went back to the roots of Rusty Lake, developing a story which takes place in an escape-room setting where anything can happen. The movie features: A unique story that fits in the Rusty Lake universe; The first real-life Cube Escape setting - the room, the wallpaper, the items & objects, everything is chosen with the games in mind; Around 15 minutes of screenplay; A lot of references to our game series; A lot of secret hints that can be used in the game; Detective Dale Vandermeer and Laura as the lead roles; A special appearance by Mr. Crow and Harvey; A unique Mr. Crow painting by Johan Scherft is in the center of the room; distributed via YouTube and other platforms for free. The game is an escape room with the fundamental point & click principles: collect items, solve a lot of puzzles, and be surprised the type of Rusty Lake moments you've grown to love. The game will feature two chapters, one free to play and one premium. Both set in the same room but they will feature different puzzles and objects. Both game and movie follow the story of a detective who finds himself trapped in two different universes and needs to escape. The game will uniquely interact with the movie, via television, telephone, tape recorders and so on. They've carefully placed a ton of visual hints hidden in the movie which can be used in the game. There will be different endings.
Screenshots/Videos Chapter#
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Steam Free Chapter 1 (uploaded by Steam)

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