Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder RVL Games / Big Fish Games 2010

Jane Croft: The Baker Street Murder is a classic Hidden Object game written with a story-driven, linear progression. Although the interface is designed around modern Adventure Hidden Object Games, the game consists of Hidden Object scenes interleaved with mini games. There are very few adventure elements. Suspect interviews are non-interactive story slides. The adventure starts with the murder of the local millionaire and continues with Jane Croft investigating the murder without the aid of her partner. Six months previously, Jane's partner was murdered. Now, her new partner is no where to be found. The game features an unlockable bonus game which is a fast paced shoot out gallery. When the player defeats this level, they are rewarded with additional story that implies the police chief is in league with a local mobster and is responsible for the [attempted] murder of her former partner. While fleeing the scene of the shootout, Jane hears her name in an APB on the police radio. She is wanted in connection of the murders of both her partners.
Full Demo 109MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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