Kingdom Come: Deliverance - The Amorous Adventures of Hans Capon Warhorse Studios / Deep Silver, / Koch Media 2018

A story expansion for the RPG game Kingdom Come: Deliverance. It focuses on the eponymous comedy character – the young lord known mainly for his love affairs and drunkenness. The DLC’s story focuses on the titular character of Hans Capon – an amusing and likable though arrogant young master. Players must help him conquer the heart of yet another love of his life. Players explore a vast open world of medieval Middle Europe, fight enemies, perform quests and interact with various characters. There are also other RPG features, namely developing the main hero through obtaining new skills and equipment. The expansion adds content for an additional 10 to 15 hours which can be done either after finishing the main storyline or after befriending Hans.
Download: None currently available

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