Soul at Stake: Frozen Village Chongming Studio 2018

This new addition to the world of Soul at Stake will include a new Devil, "The Witch", and a new map, "The Frozen Village". This DLC will be free for one month from release date, after this timeframe it will be changed to a paid DLC. People will always talk in terror about the legendary cat-faced woman, but no one knew of the deep sorrow and resentment that hid beneath the surface of that cold, stiff, bent body. Regarded as a liar and a cheat, she suffered quietly through the hunger, cold and loneliness, and calmly welcomed the end. However, for the village, the nightmare has just begun. During midnight, in the raging blizzard, she turned into a puppet manipulated by dark evil spirits, gouging out every seemingly innocent heart and tasted the sins hidden within. Having inherited the ancestral skills of the Northeastern people, she became a revered witch. Countless people came to her for help, for exorcisms and blessings. She was awed by this, but it also brought her a lifetime of misfortune. Her life was rough and lonely. She was widowed, and all her children left. She adopted wild cats for company, but the villagers regarded the black cats she had taken in as a symbol of misfortune, and began to regard her differently in the village, which further isolated her. Finally, in the snowy night of New Year's Eve, the tortured life of the witch came to an end, while the nightmare of the village was quietly coming to life. The Frozen Village - The snowstorm raged throughout the night, at daybreak the snowy ground was covered in the mottled scarlet of firecracker debris and dried-up blood. The northern wind swept through with what felt like a folksong or spell incantation woven within, and a shrill cat cry pierced through the lonely silence of the night. The hunched figure stumbles into the snow and wind, the black cat's eyes bent over its shoulders flashed fiercely with vengeance. No one is innocent, it seeks, thirsting, to disembowel them all, gouge out their hearts and savor every moment of pain and fear.
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