Stone Convict Games 2018

A hungover koala detective, STONE wakes to find his chookie Alex has been kidnapped. YOU need to find out what happened. G'day I’m Stone. Play this interactive story and see what happened. Yeah it was rough, but a good life lesson. Enjoy and remember don’t do this at home ya bunch of crazy animals. By the way this story really isn’t going to be for everyone. So enter at your own risk mate. Features: 3rd person so you can rotate a drone cam around me and move me like Voodoo; Deep, reference heavy, hip hop influenced interactive story never told, mate; Drinking, dancing and smoking for your pleasure. I recommend a Negroni; Map based free roam so you can explore the world at your own pace. Echo for great techno, Smoky Possum for some liquid gold and my flat; A cast of my mates like Les, weirdo and kanye lover and my gorgeous chookie Alex; BTW if you see Cockie, tell her I’m sorry again. If you see Devil, run, run, run; Amazing licensed tracks from sick up and coming indie musicians; Like Ryan Little, Luchii, Ilkka S, Warchief, James Tottakai & More; Seriously the music is great. There’s hip hop, trap, stoner rock and heavy techno; Also THERE'S CLASSIC MOVIES. Yeah you can watch film classics like Sentimental Bloke, Night of the Living Dead & Story of the Kelly Gang; Hang out with me. It’ll be bonza and hell, I think you’ll be a better bloke, sheila & person from it too.
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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