Darkstone: Necromina [G] Motelsoft GmbH 1998

Gather your band together, for there is evil about that must be dealt a decisive blow. This is a point and click role playing game. You will lead a party of up to four characters on a series of quests. The things that need to be done are: Find all the Motcrystals in each city and activate them; Find all seven Darkstones and use them to open all the gates to the hiding places of the Galmarks; Get the Galmarks staff; Find and defeat the queen of the darkness, Necromina, once and for all. Dip into a fantastic world of full secrets, magic and dangerous adventures. Explore cities, Dungeon and the most distant regions of the country. Set against to the dark creatures Necrominas and do not hesitate to develop the abilities of your heroes and to use the assistance of the guilds. Provide for it that peace prevails again in the tortured country. The game was later made freeware.
German ISO Demo 95MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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