Midnight Movie Madness Medio Multimedia 1993

The Bonkers, the Brilliant, the Berserk. See it all in this collection of the 100 best drive-in movie classics on Earth... or any other planet. Hang out with Gilbert Gottfried and former National Lampoon editors, as you surf through memorable clips from the movies that sold more popcorn than Orville Redenbacher. Over 100 motion video clips put you in the driver's seat at a motor-in movie palace. It's where you run to the show, flipping through movie memorabilia from The Bob to 1 Million Years B.C. to King Kong Vs. Godzilla. What's your scene? Comedy? Horror? Sci-Fi? Whatever you like -this will deliver multiple megabytes of Robots, Rockets, Monsters, Madmen, Bazooms, Blood, Beasts, Pratfalls, Pathos, and people flying around in capes and tight pants. Big stars who've forgotten they were ever in these movies. Along with dozens of actors and actresses you'll recognize on sight. (And if you just can't remember their names, you can bet Gottfried will.) It's a double feature times fifty. Imagine going to a movie where Frankenstein lived in The House That Dripped Blood where he was Under Attack By The Crab Monsters on The Day of the Triffids. The Bride of the Monster would probably become one of the She Demons and put old Frank on a Missile to the Moon. Seriously now, where else are you going to find the Queen of Outer Space, Horrors of the Black Museum, and Attack of the Giant Leaches and 90 more all-time greats in one place? Nowhere but Midnight Movie Madness. Features: More than 100 full motion video clips; Nation TV's outrageous movie host Gilbert Gottfried; Knockout comedy by ex-National Lampoon editors; Brain-bashing quizzes and trivia with every clip; Sound bites and video that will blow you away; Hot color plus authentic black and white; Look up directors, stars, aliens or mad doctors - any which way. We don't care. It's easy and fun. So you think you know your movies? Get a clue. You're keeping company with the whacked out and massively manic Gilbert Gottfried. So Midnight Movie Madness will blitz you with comedy quizzes, and freaky facts. You'll be in danger of becoming a Moviemeister yourself.
ISO Demo 583MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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