Sportz Freakz Great Bear Technology 1994

The Outrageous Interactive Game for Sports Blooper Lovers. Ages: for immature kids from 0-90. Hosted by: Gilbert Gottfried. If you love sports, then (admit it) you love sports bloopers. And you're about to have more fun with them than the time your little league coach made an embarrassing noise in front of everybody's parents. Just try your skills at Sportz Freakz, the Multimedia Blooper Game where the action is fast, furious, slick, sick and always hilarious. This rowdy, revealing CD-ROM is the funniest way ever to experience the funniest moments in sports. Genuine unbleeped-bloopers. With authentic footage and the original crowd sounds, Sportz Freakz tests your knowledge of the dumbest moments in history. It takes America's competitive spirit to a new low.
ISO Demo 259MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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