Multibombers Pig's Indie Games 2018

Early Access Release This is a multiplayer strategy game based upon the classic Bomberman series of games. Players compete based upon a first-person field of view to be the last man standing by using bombs to destroy their competition. Power-ups scattered around the arena encourage players to move tactically throughout each match - having to decide between making a run to the center where more power-ups are located or heading straight for enemy players - a high risk, high reward decision. Multiplayer is available for both LAN and online play, so that there is always a way for you to play with your buddies. In the future, it will have a cosmetic system and client-side map customization, allowing for you to personalize your own experience in any way you see fit. Steam achievements will also be added to provide extra incentive to play. What do we have included? A fledged out powerup system, with an algorithm of luck, bringing more and better powerups closer to the center. Multiplayer available for you to play online across the world, or locally with your buddies. Satisfy all your destructive needs with our explosive system. A bunch of achievements and stat-tracking to keep the game competitive, whilst still being fun. What are we planning to add in the future? We are soon going to be adding an inventory system with cosmetics. Special perks for our Patrons, such as a golden nametag and tags in chat, as well as special cosmetics. A singleplayer mode, featuring a dynamic tutorial.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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