Ameagari no Hanaby Enigmatic Network 2018

This is a single-player 2D-action game with fireworks as a theme. The rating is For Adult because somewhat problematic obstacles appear at a specific world. Don't worry because there is no sexual expression with characters. However, do not let children play with this. This game is for YOU. Features: Unique worlds - as if it travels, Hanaby goes round a wide variety of worlds; Fantastic musics - Mr. Aaaa's new composed dedicated BGM is prepared in each world; Mild story - you don't have to brace for melancholy. Enjoy the game purely; Operability - it's a simple jump-action game. It will take less than a minute to remember all basic operations; Fireworks - hit enemies, or are used by gliding... New exhilaration feeling is here; Input - it supports both keyboard and gamepad. Operation instructions in the game are displayed for each input mode, so you won't confuse. Also, key mapping function for gamepad is embedded in the game; Load/Save - There are three independent save files. The progress of the game and possessed items are automatically saved, and you can select the world to play when you resume; Game mode - there are a story mode and a speedrun mode. The speedrun mode are released after you cleared story mode. Hanaby is a squirrel-girl living in Retro Rainforest. Squirrels must become "adult" to go outside of forest. Hanaby will challenge the ordeal of forest to become an "adult".
Steam Level Demo (uploaded by Steam)

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