Fun School 7 CBL Technology Ltd / Europress Software Ltd. 1998

This contains five activities designed to motivate and educate. Linked to the UK Government's national curriculum and supporting the national literacy and numeracy objectives, these activities cover the subjects of writing, sequencing and counting. The programs feature three levels of difficulty, quirky graphics and reward the player when a task has been completed successfully. Additional puzzles could at one time be downloaded from the internet. The games in this package are: Get Lost - This is a maze game. The player must explore a maze and locate bricks which are used to build a bridge within a fixed time period. The bricks must be placed in the correct order in order to succeed. Write On: There are two forms of this game. In the first the player must construct a story by placing verbs, adverbs, nouns, adjectives and 'little words' onto a grid. A bog hairy bird will then read the story. In the second form of the game the hairy bird will read a short story from which words will be removed. The player then completes the story using words of their choice as long as that word is of the right type. Space Shuffle: Here some characters dance onto the screen with tiles showing either numbers or shapes. There is a sequence to the tiles they display, one tile of which is hidden. From a series of tiled displayed at the bottom of the screen the player must select the correct tile to complete the sequence. An animation is displayed if the player gets sufficient consecutive answers correct. Head Hunt: Is a variant on the tile matching game Memory but in this game instead of tiles there are monsters hiding in holes. This can be played as a one or a two player game. Trog Eat Trog: This is a variation on Hangman. The player must guess a hidden word. For each correct letter selected the player's trog eats a marker. For every incorrect guess the computers trog eats a marker. If the player guesses the word correctly before all the compurter's markers have been used up then their trog advances to the computers side of the screen and eats not only the remaining markers but also the computer's trog as well. The words used are in educational groupings such as animals, geometry etc. There is a two player version of this game where one player sets a word for the other player to guess.
ISO Demo 35MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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