Funpack 3D WayForward Technologies Inc. / WizardWorks Group Inc. 1998

This follow-up to the FunPack contains 3-D adaptations of four of the games from that earlier product. While the originals were licensed versions of Freeware/Shareware titles, these are all original creations available only in this collection. The games are all selected from within a single program; they are: Chomper 3D - Inspired by Chomp, this is a dot-munching, maze-racing game in the Pac-Man vein featuring all the usual characteristics -- monsters made vulnerable by power dots, fruits worth bonus points and multiple mazes to explore. The third dimension doesn't change things a whole lot, but it is possible to view the action from five different camera angles. Missile Defense - Adapted from Warheads for Windows, this is Missile Command from a first-person perspective. The arrow keys rotate the view from the gun platform while the mouse directs defensive fire used to destroy attacking missiles and planes. Super Brick-Breaker - Like Block Breaker, this is a ball-and-paddle game in which bricks need to be broken in order to clear levels. Four different camera angles are provided, and the paddle can now move in two dimensions rather than only one. Various power-ups are available to diversify gameplay. Meteor Gunner - This Asteroids clone, here in place of Hyperoids, has the usual mix of alien spaceships and breaking rocks to shoot at, but it changes the scale a bit, leading to a feel somewhat reminiscent of Wing Commander. The camera can be positioned either in the cockpit or just outside the player's spaceship, but either way, the screen only ever displays a relatively small part of the action at a time, and it takes a bit of flying around to clear everything. There is a considerable amount of music included in this package; each game has its own soundtrack.
ISO Demo 29MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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