Just One Line JOL Studios 2018

This is a fantasy RPG gamebook-like indie game heavily focused on choices and their consequences, in which you may compete with other players in an interactive online leaderboard. Create different adventurers by choosing their races and backgrounds and embark on a variety of epic quests: each adventurer will progress by increasing his/her renown and relations with the factions of the Kingdom thus unlocking new races and backgrounds for your next playthroughs. Even though the core game experience is a text-adventure 2.0, anyone, of any age, who likes fantasy RPGs or books should give it a try. In fact, it has many great features appealing to a broader audience. Choices mater - a lot of games say so, but a few truly mean it. Most of the quests are linked together and have different story paths according to your race, background, attributes and, more importantly, choices made in previous quests. Endless game experience - the video game itself is a framework upon which countless quests may be created and played. By exploiting user generated content and partnering with writers, it could potentially provide ever-growing contents. Create your adventurers as you see fit. Start by choosing a race and a background, follow up with some aesthetic customization and finally shape him/her into a valorous hero or a ruthless villain. Their morality and honor changes according to your in-game choices. When you resign your adventurer you can compete with other players in the online leaderboard to be the most renowned/good/evil/rich(/whatever!) adventurer of the Kingdom. High replay value - each quest has choices, or even entire story paths, only available after certain conditions are met and/or depending on previous quests’ choices. Every time you play with different adventurers, the story changes. We feature a unique set of locations with a fancy toon graphics and a mesmerizing OST to aid your imagination when embarking on epic quests. We believe that wall of texts are not needed for engaging desktop players. Quest telling is rich and thrilling yet not too darn long. The concept of the game is a breath of fresh air. However, you can expect everything a role-playing gamer has come to know and love: races, classes, skills, magic, powerful weapons and armors... Oh! And dragons, zombies and pirates too.
Download: None currently available

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