To Leave Freaky Creations 2018

Harm – a manic-depressive young man in possession of a magical, flying door – seeks to use an ancient, derelict technology to harvest the souls of his homeworld and send everyone (including himself) to heaven. This features challenging puzzle-platformer levels that will test your puzzle-solving skills through an emotionally gripping story. The game addresses depression – a state of mind that tempts you to open any doors if they allow you to leave everything behind... sometimes for a moment... sometimes for life. Experience a lyrical, inspiring puzzle-platformer that blurs genre boundaries. Take on grueling challenges and test your problem-solving skills. Follow an emotionally gripping narrative that doesn’t hold back on characters or symbolism. Understand the hardships of depression through a powerful mix of story and gameplay. Enjoy a beautiful handcrafted world.
Download: None currently available

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