Scrylis Goldy Games / PC Mania 1993

A mental challenge to drive you crazy. There are 50 levels in 3D, different difficulty settings and all of it against the clock. The game is clearly inspired by the Rubik's Cube and similar puzzles. We have two rings with faces of squares of different colors, and shifting the faces of the lower body, it must be “redone” like the upper one - and time goes on, reducing bonus points and threatening to take away “life” under the measured ticking timer. Control - using the cursor left-right rotate the whole “assembly” around the center “one step”, up and down - turn the segment of the lower body facing the player “across the donut”; shift'y rotate the "ring" of these faces, respectively, left and right, alt and ctrl - rotate the upper body. The keys Q, A, O, P simply rotate the player's point of view "in three dimensions" (and also switches the palette in CGA mode). Like any "rubicoid", it delays, but, fortunately, at the start you can choose the level from the first to the "current".
Full Demo 59kb (uploaded by
included in Triple Action Volume 2 - Floppy Images ISO Demo 1.37MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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