Madeline Classroom Companion 1st & 2nd Grade Reading Creative Wonders 1998

Join Madeline for over 45 fun-filled activities that help children master reading skills. Designed by educators, this 2 CD-ROM program uses both phonics and whole language methods to teach reading skills, like letter blends, vocabulary, sentences, parts of speech, reading comprehension, writing, alphabetizing, and even French and Spanish. An exciting journey to a treasure-filled island, a carnival in Venice, the Pyramids of Egypt and beyond. Reading with Madeline is so much fun. Special Features: Multiple Difficulty Levels; Progress Tracker; Printable Journal, Greeting Cards & Award Certificates; French & Spanish Dictionary; Over 45 Fun-Filled Activities - visit Madeline's magic attic, where you can travel to imaginary and exotic places; Spelling & Vocabulary - Use clues to complete interactive crossword puzzles; Phonics - Match vowel sounds and consonants as you play cards at the beach; Reading Comprehension - Read stories and pick out clues to solve the mysteries; Letter Blends - Find the missing letters and be the first to get four squares in a row; Build your alphabetizing skills as you update the airline schedule.
Level Demo 10MB (uploaded by MasonRocks)

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