Elderborn Hyperstrange / Crunching Koalas 2018

Early Access Release This is a skill-based slasher infused with ancient heavy metal melee combat. Slice your way through an adventure inspired by the cult classics of the FPP genre and relive the old-school feeling of a game that doesn’t hold your hand. Imagine a dungeon, a dungeon full of evil and corruption that needs to be put down back to sleep. A mysterious ancient ruin full of deadly traps, vicious monsters, and omnipresent death. Now visualize yourself - you're a warrior, you're huge, and you certainly know how to fight. Ready to take on the challenge that will bring back your best memories of heroic fantasy classics? Well, in that case - welcome to ELDERBORN. You will love it if: you’re a sucker for skill-based melee combat and a subscriber of the GIT GUD philosophy of gaming; you’re sick of procedurally-generated content and for a change you would like to explore extensive, hand-designed, devious dungeons; you feel that ending a life of an enemy with a well-placed kick is something that’s been missing from your life; you always wanted to find out how DOOM would feel if it had swords and a warhammer instead of guns; you miss the old-school feel of a game that does not hold your hand; you pray at the altars of Dio, Lemmy and other mighty Gods of Metal.
Download: None currently available

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