Warlocks [J] TGL 1998

The fight against the planet (Hoshi) begins now... A certain star in the universe where the environment has been destroyed until the water can not be drunk overnight. It flows, somewhere to have a clean environment of the star when there is to become... as modest location multiplied by the rise and fall of the star from the strange occasions that hero who get caught in the fight, boarded the machine named "Warlock" which was rushing to... This rpg is completely different game from the Farland series. The viewpoint is drawn in a quarter view using the image with 3D dropped to 2D. I think graphics are pretty beautiful at that time. The map is 2D. It dropped 3D to 2D, it is quite beautiful as then. Character drama in which the parents' characters move around is well done. Battle is a round system. Move your favorite characters in any order. The animation of the attack has some fancy things, it does not get tired to the user. Especially, it is quite exhilarating, high level of magic and coalescence technique. Also, it can be said that enemies level up, and clear conditions are different for each stage. The story has a mix with surprising laughter and romance in some places. Even though it is a robot, forget about the theory that it is strange to level up or use magic, let's defeat the carnage enemy with a powerful and flashy attack.
Japanese ISO Demo 308MB (uploaded by myloch)

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