PC Play & Learn: Learning Fun with Dan and Whizzo Macromedia 2000

This was a British subscription-based series of educational children's games published in the early 2000s. It featured several colourful dinosaurs living in a soft play centre known as the 'Play Zone', and clicking on magical doors throughout the Play Zone would lead to minigames teaching children letters, numbers, standard preschool educational things etc. There were about 60 games in total, each having a different theme (e.g. "Perfect Pets", "Under the Sea" to name a couple). Apparently they were also translated into French (PC Joue et Apprends), Dutch (met de PC Spelen en Leren) and German (mit dem PC Spielen und Lernen). You would play with 3 dinosaurs named Dan, his older sister Pink, and Dan and Pink's friend Delilah. You learn about music, letters, etc. This series would come in separate CD-ROM discs with books in the subscription.
#1 ISO Demo 116MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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