Land of the Seazogs, The Manel GarcĂ­a 2018

This is an 8-bit-style futurist point-and-click adventure that combines fantasy, suspense and mystery with touches of humor. Professor Meme, a renowned 164-year-old genetic scientist, receives a mysterious call for help from his old friend Gustav, the head of the animal research base on Zerulia, an inhospitable planet inhabited by ancient aquatic creatures: the Seazogs. Meme soon discovers that something very worrying is happening there and he must intervene to solve a problem of unimaginable scope. Features: A classic point-and-click adventure - explore scenes, collect items and solve puzzles in order to progress; Easy to control - play with a mouse, with no extra keys or complex menus; Mysterious and tense atmosphere with moments of humor; Futuristic science fiction plot with stubborn robots, clones, virtual creatures, iconoclastic artists... a story full of alternative readings and surprises; Lovable pixel art graphics with a retro feel; Meticulous sound design; Original music composed by the talented Mark Sparling.
Download: None currently available

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